Halloween at IES Puerta de la Axarquía

We have celebrated Halloween with 1º ESO for the first time at school. Lots of students dressed up as witches, ghosts., skeleton and some of them wore masks.
At the beginning they were shy but as time went by they felt more confident and very excited about it.
The bilingual group had the Science lesson about the pumkins , where they came from, what they are like in the inside, the way they are carved to become Jack O´Lanterns and some recipes about traditional Halloween food: pumkin bread, dead fingers, cemetery dish, pumkin pie.
In the Social Science lesson they spoke about Egyptians and the way they were buried.
The Spanish Language Teacher gave them a project work about “all the Saints Day” in Spain. How Spanish people remember their dead relatives going to cemeteries and taking them flowers.
The English teachers spoke about the Halloween origin and its meaning in the English –speaking world and how it has become so popular that nowadays it is celebrated in many other European countries.

Just to finish, the bilingual group held a party with candles . They all danced , in pairs, with an orange in their foreheads. When the music stopped those students who still kept the orange won a prize: a bag of sweets . We, teachers and students, had a very good time and really enjoyed it.

Interactive phonemic chart

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This is Halloween


Hello, I hope you find it useful and interesting.This viedo is about the alphabet. Watch the video. Do you understand most of it?.