In a city with such a maritime tradition as Malaga, there had to be a legend linked to the fishermen. According to the story, a group of fishermen were at sea fishing off their boat when they were surprised by a sudden storm and, unfortunately, the waves swept them away from the coast. Despite all their efforts they were unable to control the boat and get back to land. Under menacing black clouds and in the midst of enormous waves they entrusted their souls to the Lord, sure that their end was near. However, following their prayers a ray of light lit the Heavens and the waters calmed in the middle of the waves, place in which the sculpture of a Christ Crucified appeared. The seamen immediately steered their boat towards the image, which they rescued from the sea and saw that blood was flowing the side. The storm finally blew itself out and they were able to return to land safe and sound and with the image of Christ Crucified, which was taken to the old Convent de la Merced, where it has been venerated since as the Cristo de la Sangre (Christ of Blood).

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