Columbus Day 2016 falls on the second Monday in October, this year 10th October — as it does each year. This day is remembered in the U.S.A to pay tribute to the 1st journey to America in 1492 by Christopher Columbus.

In the past schools have taught that Christopher Columbus found America. Looking at this from better hindsight we see that all of the areas he found had people living in them already, meaning he didn't discover it for the first time. It can still be claimed as a discovery but solely from a Europe standpoint — not a native one.
Columbus Day 2011 can find its origin from the initial 'celebration' in 1792. At the very least this is the earliest recorded remembrance of Christopher Columbus's grand unveiling of America. It was 300 years after the 'New World' was found that the Colombian Order prepared a service in New York City to pay credit to Christopher Columbus marking his 'first landing'. In New York 1866 on October 12th the Italian residents planned the initial observance of the finding of 'America' as a whole. Then, in San Francisco 1869 Italian residents also honored October twelfth. In 1892 President Benjamin Harrison, 400 years after Columbus' first journey, gave a public statement in memory of the 'New World' being discovered. It was 1905 when the initial State Colorado respected an official 'Columbus Day'. From 1920 Columbus Day was observed each year. President Franklin Roosevelt in 1937 declared all October twelfths as 'Columbus Day' but it was proclaimed by Congress as a national holiday on each 2nd Monday in 1971. That's why we have Columbus Day 2015!

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