Counting down to the London 2012 Opening Ceremony

Danny Boyle's 'Isles of Wonder' Olympic Opening Ceremony will commence at 9pm tonight, Friday 27 July.

10,000 volunteers, cast and crew have been rehearsing day and night over the last few months to make the Opening Ceremony a success, with dress rehearsals taking place earlier this week.
Danny Boyle, Artistic Director of the Opening Ceremony, said: ‘The Ceremony is an attempt to capture a picture of ourselves as a nation, where we have come from and where we want to be. The best part of telling that story has been working with our 10,000 volunteers.’
At the heart of the Ceremony is the Athletes’ Parade, a procession of the participating teams in the Stadium, nation by nation.
The big finale is the entrance of the Olympic Flame into the Stadium and the lighting of the Olympic Cauldron, marking the start of the Games.

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