Next to the Santuario de la Victoria, beginning in calle Amargura, there is a small rise topped with a sanctuary, which the people of Malaga call Mount Calvary. Every Friday during Lent, a Via Cruces is organised that leaves from the San Lázaro Church and re-enacts the fourteen Stations of the Cross. The reason that it leaves from San Lázaro is because the processional brotherhood of Nuestro Padre Jesús Nazareno de los Pasos en el Monte Calvario (today known by the name of its Virgin, María Santísima del Rocío ) has organised for many years now the Official Stations of the Cross procession in Malaga, with the first Station being precisely that of San Lázaro. Each participant in the Via Cruces carries fourteen stones, which symbolise fourteen sins. The stones are left at each Station, where the corresponding sin is read, symbolising the discharge of sins following repent. The Via Dolorosa finalises at the Sanctuary of the Calvary, headquarters of the processional Brotherhood that bears the same name.

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